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Find True North

True North is the inner instinct that guides us down the path and toward our life's purpose. Life can be a challenging and confusing journey for dogs, full of distractions and mixed signals from humans, and they rely on us as owners to lead them through it. We're here to give you the means to lead your dog through any situation that life throws at them, giving them a sense of purpose and you the lifestyle you've always wanted.

Our Programs are Effective, Humane, & Rewarding.

Our balanced training method is safe and effective for dogs of every age and temperament and we always keep the preservation of their spirit and dignity in mind. Our programs are built on a bond of mutual respect between dogs and their owners and never rely on fear as a shortcut to results.


Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help you and your dog along the path to a better life together.




Begin the journey with a two-hour consultation where you'll get to know us, learn about the tools we use throughout the program, and get coached through basic training exercises with your dog. After just one session you'll start to notice positive changes in your dog and will have learned training fundamentals that you can continue to practice at home.

Private Sessions

After learning about the training in the initial consultation, schedule private follow-up sessions where you and your dog will be coached through a variety of training exercises tailored to your dog's specific needs. Your dog will benefit from repetition and you'll get live tutorials and feedback so the training can continue at your leisure in between sessions. Private sessions take place in your home,  a public area, or at my home depending on the unique needs of your pack.  We have two different programs for you to choose from depending on your goals and how quickly your dog progresses.

Basic Program


This program gives you on leash reliability with your dog. They'll learn to be less anxious, make better decisions, and feel better about the world around them.

  • Includes: 3 training sessions (2 hours each) and all the training equipment ($110 value) 

Premium Program


The premium program incorporates all the on-leash fundamentals that the basic program includes but takes the training a tremendous step further. This program will give you off leash reliability with your dog, meaning that you can hold your dog accountable to make good decisions even when you aren't in physical contact. Never fear that your voice will not be enough to recall them back to you.

  • Includes: 6 training sessions (2 hours each) and all the training equipment ($310 value) 

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